Gardening Transformations Sample Agreement

Garden Maintenance Agreement 

THIS AGREEMENT is made the ___________ 


(1) Sally Jefford and Trevor Jefford trading as T Jefford Garden Services Limited (“the  Trader”) and 

(2) ___________________________ (“the Customer”) 


(1) The Trader provides gardening services to consumer clients and has reasonable skill,  knowledge and expertise in that field. 

(2) The Customer wishes to engage the Trader to provide the services specified below (“the  Gardening Services”). 

(3) The Trader agrees to provide the Gardening Services to the Customer, subject to the  attached Terms and Conditions and the terms of this Agreement. 

IT IS AGREED as follows:  


1. The Agreement 

1.1 This Agreement incorporates the attached Terms and Conditions. 

1.2 In this Agreement, words with initial capital letters have the same meaning as they have in  the Terms and Conditions. 

1.3 A legally binding contract between You and Us will be created when You and We sign this  Agreement. 

1.4 We confirm and You acknowledge that We have given or made available to You the  following information (save for where such information is already apparent from the context of the  transaction): 

1.4.1 The main characteristics of the Gardening Services; 

1.4.2 Our identity and contact details; 

1.4.3 The total price payable for the Gardening Services including taxes or, if the Price cannot be  calculated in advance, the manner in which it will be calculated; 

1.4.4 The arrangements for payment, performance and the time by which (or within which) We  undertake to perform the Gardening Services; 

1.4.5 Our complaints handling policy; 

1.4.6 The duration of this Agreement, where applicable, or if this Agreement is of indeterminate  duration or is to be extended automatically, the conditions for terminating it.

1.5 As required by the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges)  Regulations 2013: 

1.5.1 all of the information described in Clause 1.4; and  

1.5.2 any other information which We give to You about the Gardening Services or about Us  which You take into account when entering into this Agreement or when making any other decision  about the Gardening Services will be part of the terms of Our contract with You as a Consumer. 

2. The Gardening Services 

2.1 We will: 

2.1.1 begin to provide the Gardening Services on the Start Date: ____________ a full schedule of  maintenance dates will be provided on agreement being signed;

2.1.2 provide the Gardening Services during the Agreed Times of Monday – Friday between 08.00  to 16.30 or such other times as You and We may agree in writing; 

2.1.3 provide the Gardening Services at the Property located at ________________

2.1.4 perform the Gardening Services in accordance with the specification referred to in Clause  2.2 

2.2 The specification for the Gardening Services is as follows:  


2.3 The Products we will supply are as follows:  

To be determined on an ad hoc basis.  

2.4 You and We may agree in writing to vary the specification from time to time. 


3. Fees and Payment 

3.1 You will pay a Fee of _______________per month for the Gardening Services. This sum may  be broken down as follows: 

3.1.1 _____________per month for labour; 

3.1.2 £0 for Products. 

3.2 full details of other sums due (if any) as detailed in the Quotation 


4. Waiver of Cooling Off Period 

4.1 By signing this Agreement You request Us to commence provision of the Gardening Services  immediately and not to wait for the 14-day cooling off period referred to in Clause 9 of the Terms  and Conditions to expire.  

4.2 You acknowledge that if You exercise the right to cancel You will be liable to pay Us for the  Gardening Services provided up until the point at which You inform Us of Your wish to cancel, as set  out in Clause 9 of the Terms and Conditions.


SIGNED for and on behalf of the Trader by: Date:  

SIGNED by the Customer: 


Name:_____________________ Date: ______________________