Please find below our list of current measurements in place, to safe-guard both our employees and clients during this time.

At T Jefford’s we are completely committed to quality and customer service, however the health and safety of our customers and employees comes first.

With this in mind, please find below our list of current measurements in place, to safe-guard both our employees and clients during this time, following advice from the government and the World Health Organisation.

Measurements taken by management, prior to team members returning to work;

  1. All vehicles thoroughly cleaned and dis-infected, internally and externally, before use by employees. This includes the removal of all employee waste and tools prior to ‘lockdown’ closure and disinfecting of all interior surfaces.
  2. All vehicles are fully stocked with the following PPE and necessary items for employees;
    • Disposable masks
    • Disposable gloves
    • Disinfecting alcohol wipes and/or disinfectant alcohol spray
    • Disposable Blue roll
    • Facial Tissues
    • Waste bags, for personal litter and waste
    • Waste bins with closing lid, for facial tissues, disinfecting wipes and disposable PPE
    • Individual sealed pouches, containing a disposable mask and gloves, to use immediately if an employee begins to feel unwell during working hours

Measurements taken by employees, to additionally be upheld and respected by clients;

  1. On returning to the unit at the end of the working day, employees must wipe down all interior vehicle surfaces, including, but not limited to;
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear Stick
  • Interior and exterior door handles
  • Air and heating ventilation
  • Vehicle keys
  • Hand-brake
  • Window switch panel/manual handle
  1. Where possible, separate work vehicles are to be used, to drive to and from work sites. Where this may not be possible, the drivers passenger is required to wear a protective mask and gloves on entering the vehicle, this includes working day’s where there may be multiple destinations
  1. Staggered starting and finishing times, to limit the number of employees in the unit at any one time and ensure distance measurements are upheld at all times (minimum of 2m distance between any persons, both employee and client)
  1. During food/drink and lunch breaks, where possible, this is to be taken outside of the vehicle. During wet weather or if no other option is available, staggered lunches are to be taken, in the following manner;
  • Breaks can be taken in the vehicle, where our team members, are responsible for;
    • disposing of wrappers and waste, in supplied waste bags, that are to be taken home with the employee to dispose of correctly
    • To wipe down door handle and surfaces used during break, with disinfectant wipe/spray
    • To use hand gel/disinfectant wipes before returning to work
  1. To keeping a minimum on cross handling of tools and machinery. Where possible we advise that only one team member uses a particular tool or piece of equipment for the working day to further reduce the risk of cross infection. For example, during maintenance visits, one employee to use a Strimmer and Leaf Blower, and the second employee to use a Mower, this is to be continued for the full working day.
  1. Disposable gloves to be worn at all times, by every employee, during working hours.
  1. All food stuffs, litter and waste is to be removed from the vehicle at the end of every day. All personal waste to be taken home and disposed of correctly.

8.  We ask that during this time, employees do not enter the office.

9.  When working, all employees must keep a distance of 2m where possible, this includes with other employees and clients.

  • Where close contact work may be required and is agreed to by team members, (such as, when using ladders, when laying slabs/stones) disposable gloves and masks must be worn by both employees at all times.

10.  As we are currently aware that the onset of severe symptoms can show within 24hrs from feeling like your usual self, to ensure the health and safety of team members working alone, we will require that regular contact is maintained between management and our employees during the working day, this includes;

  • Regular phone call and/or text updates to a specified member of management
  • For those working a maintenance round, or multiple sites, we ask that a text or call is sent on the arrival at each new location
  • For those working in one location, we will ask for hourly updates, this can be a simple check-in text, or 1minute phone call
  • Phones are to be kept on our employees or within hearing range during the working day
  • Whereby we do not receive an update and we are unable to contact an employee within 10minutes, we will immediately check vehicle tracking and proceed with making direct contact, varying actions may include;
    • Management attending your location in person to ensure your health and safety
    • Contacting of the client, at the site our employee is working, in an attempt to check if they can see you/are aware of you being present
    • Contacting of health authorities, if we believe our employee may be suddenly/severely unwell

12. We ask that employees are especially cautious and thoughtful during this time. If feeling unwell, or experiencing symptoms such as a cough or fever, on the evening before work or morning of work, please make management aware (where possible) and do not come into work.

13.  As a gentle reminder, though everyone is currently very aware of health and hygiene more than ever, we do ask that a strict regime is maintained by both our employees outside of working hours, including social distancing and frequent hand-washing.